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United States v. Michael Gabor (United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio)

Michael Gabor is indicted as an alleged co-conspirator, along with Jimmy Dimora, in the first RICO lawsuit to arise out of the Cuyahoga County public corruption scandal. Attorneys Leif Christman and David Oakley are defending Mr. Gabor against these charges. The trial in this case is scheduled to begin in January of 2012, and to last for three months.

Edward Lentz v. City of Cleveland (United States District Court, Northern District of Ohio)

Attorney David Oakley represented City of Cleveland police officer in this civil rights in employment case. The officer had been wrongfully accused of using excessive force, but the City continually extended the investigation so that he could not clear his name in court. Jury awarded a verdict of $800,000 to Officer Lentz.