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Federal Crimes

At the Law Offices of Leif B. Christman, we provide aggressive criminal defense representation for federal criminal charges throughout the Northern District of Ohio. An offense may be charged as a federal crime if it involves crossing state lines or national borders, or if the offense is made illegal by federal legislation. Some crimes may be considered both under state and federal law, such as drug trafficking offenses. Whether the case will be prosecuted in state or federal court depends upon the prosecution and the agency that did the investigation.

A federal crime will be prosecuted in federal court as opposed to state court. A federal conviction often results in penalties that are much more severe than those for a state crime. The investigators will be made up of FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agents, and depending upon the charges that a person faces possibly DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and/or IRS (Internal Revenue Service) agents.

Anyone under investigation for a federal crime should contact us immediately for a free consultation. An attorney experienced in defending against federal criminal charges can meet with you to discuss your case during this free consultation.