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Sex Crimes

Just being accused of or charged with a sex crime can ruin a person’s reputation and personal life. Sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted, and a conviction may result in the most severe of penalties. In addition, anyone convicted of a sex crime in Ohio must register as a sex offender. Sex crimes may be legally and factually complex, and carry a wide range of penalties. It is very important that we speak with you immediately if you have been accused of, formally charged with, or have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony sex crime offense.

Sex crime cases may come about due to false allegations, leading to the arrest, and even conviction of many innocent people. We diligently conduct our own investigation in an effort to obtain evidence that may be very beneficial to our clients’ cases. As defense attorneys, we are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of clients who have been charged with a sex crime throughout the entire criminal court process. Please contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer in our office today for a free case consultation.

The Law Offices of Leif B. Christman provides an aggressive strategic defense against any type of sex crime, including:

Rape Crimes

Unwanted, forced, or nonconsensual sexual intercourse or penetration with another is constituted as rape. Rape can also involve statutory rape if the alleged victim is under the age of consent. Rape cases often amount to “he said, she said” situations. Rape charges may also be made where the alleged victim claims to have been incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol. Thorough investigation and competent legal representation are essential to obtaining a favorable outcome for our clients.

Child Molestation

Sexual abuse of a child that often includes touching or fondling a child in a sexual manner.

Indecent Exposure

The exposure of a person’s sexual organs in order to arouse the offender or to annoy or offend others.

Child Pornography

Child pornography involves displaying any person under the age of eighteen in a sexual manner, and/or erotic poses in photographs or film, and can often be seen in internet sex crimes cases. Child pornography can carry heavy penalties, particularly in federal court, where five or even fifteen year mandatory minimum sentences may be imposed.

Child pornography includes sexually explicit photographs of any person under the age of eighteen, even if the person in the images consented to their creation, and even if consensual sex with that person would not be considered a criminal act. There may be complex First Amendment implications that the alleged child pornography has artistic merit. The content and number of images may also affect sentencing to a significant degree. Experienced legal counsel is essential to any person charged with child pornography.

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is defined as a type of recruitment that often results in the kidnapping of both adults and/or children who are then forced to work in the sex slave industry. Often referred to as sex trafficking.


Prostitution involves performing sex acts for money or goods. Solicitation is the offering of money or goods for sex, often associated with prostitution.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can be verbal or visual, or may involve any action of forcing a person to participate in an unwanted sex act, whether or not penetration is involved. Rape and child molestation are common forms of sexual assault.

Sexual Battery

Involves unwanted anal, oral, or vaginal penetration with a sexual organ or an object.

Sex Offender Registration Issues

Someone who has previously been convicted of a sex offense may have to register as a sex offender for a period of time. Failing to register as a sex offender may result in being charged with a criminal act.