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White Collar Crime

Being charged with a white collar crime is a very serious criminal offense, which can not only result in serious criminal penalties, but also destroy a person’s professional reputation. White collar crimes are committed within a business environment by a person or group of individuals, usually within positions of trust, for financial gain. White collar crimes may involve allegations of public corruption, such as bribery or kickbacks. White collar crimes can be some of the most factually complicated criminal cases. Anyone being investigated for a white collar crime should seek legal guidance immediately. We provide aggressive representation for white collar crimes in state and federal court.

Our lawyers protect the rights of clients being investigated for all types of white collar crimes, including the following:

  • Embezzlement
  • Internet Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Tax Issues
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Political Corruption
  • Pyramid Schemes
  • RICO/Racketeering
  • Blackmail
  • Kickbacks
  • Tax Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Conspiracy
  • Corporate Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Bank Fraud
  • Money Laundering
  • Accounting Fraud
  • Workers’ Compensation Fraud

If you or someone you love has been accused of a white collar crime, contact us immediately for a free consultation.